Last year was undoubtedly hard for CUP and we’ve spent the majority of it getting back on our feet. The result is a leaner, but also more stable, organization. We’ve continued adding services and opportunities for our members and planning for a stable future. A part of that is our monthly donation campaign, Give a CUP.

We are reaching out to CUP alumni, friends and future partners to help us expand our capacity to foster first-rate student journalism by supporting the Give a Cup fundraising campaign.

Just a small one-time or monthly donation could make all the difference to CUP’s future and support student journalists and our annual professional development conference which is the gateway to student success.

CUP is making progress recovering from a severe financial crisis that threatened our future, and we need your help to cement CUP’s viability as an employer for young journalists, a source of valuable resources and to bring together professional mentors at our popular annual conference. 

Go to to find out more and participate. If you can’t help financially, help spread the word instead. Tweet the link to donate and share your fond CUP memories.

  • With just $210/month – or $2,500 a year – we can rehire one national or regional student journalist to report on student and youth related issues across the country and provide original high-quality content to the for republication by our members on Canadian campuses.
  • With $2,500/month, we can fund CUP’s national conference. Affectionately known as NASH, the conference is the biggest student journalism event in Canada with an average of 300 delegates. The five-day training event featuring Canada’s best-known professional journalists costs $30,000 a year to coordinate and host, and teaches up-and-comers about industry practices and allows them to make professional and peer-to-peer connections they will take with them throughout their careers.

Perhaps you are a former CUPpie wanting to give something back, or perhaps you are an organization that recognizes the importance of journalism to the health of our democratic society. Whatever your reasons for supporting student journalism, please consider donating.