It’s 2014 and there’s no time like the present to make those new year resolutions comes true. Here’s a collection of awards you may be eligible for and jobs you should put your name in for.


A series of awards offered by the Canadian Science Writers’ Association are accepting submissions until February 1, 2013. Find out about eligibility here. There are four awards with up to $1,000 prize money. Can you snag ’em all?!

The 23rd annual Hon. Edward Goff Penny Awards offered by Newspapers Canada have extended their deadline for submissions to February 18, 2014. Find out about eligibility here.


Jobs (err internships)

The Province in Vancouver BC is hiring four interns (at quite a competitive rate too!) and is having a web savvy throw down to see who’ll get the job. The application is one URL. Check it out.

Meanwhile, in Toronto, Canadian Business — the first Canadian magazine to EVER pay their interns — is now accepting applications for a one year internship. Snazzy stuff. The internship starts May 1, 2014.

Shaw Media’s annual internships for students with disabilities is also up. Deadline for the full-time, paid gig is March 14, 2014. Details here.

Good luck — we’re rooting for you!





And credit goes to News Cat Gifs! for the inspiring visuals on this page.