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What happened at NASH79 plenary!

You may have heard some exciting things on Twitter after last week’s plenary at NASH79. It’s (mostly) true! Some big changes have come out of this year’s national plenary and we’re excited to share some of what’s ahead for CUP: Lower membership fees! Many of…

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Revision Roundtable Series

We are excited that the first sessions of our new roundtable series are coming soon! This new roundtable series is designed to bring leaders in student journalism together with leaders in today’s journalism industry to discuss contemporary issues facing journalism today. We’ll also compile and…

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Only one week left to take our survey and help shape CUP’s future.

Member, non-member or alumni, please take a moment to fill out our 15 minute survey. There’s only one week left to participate in CUP’s fall 2016 survey. If you’re a past or present student journalist we need your input to help CUP better serve its…

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Attention CUPPIES: We want to hear from you!

Greetings CUPpies! If you haven’t seen the post on social media, we’ve developed a survey for current and former CUP members to get feedback on how we can work for you. Here’s a little rationale behind the survey, but the tl;dr is: please fill it…

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CUP Alumni Network

Calling all CUP Alumni CUP is looking to develop its Alumni Network The Canadian University Press is renowned for its ability to bring student journalists together from across the country and create a sense of solidarity from our efforts. Yet while CUP excels at fostering…

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