Student journalists from CUP member papers in good standing may now apply to participate in the Youth Vote project. The goal of the project is to cover the federal elections before, during and after the October 19 election date from a student and youth perspective.

CUP seeks one reporter from each region as defined by its bylaws:

  • Western (British Columbia)
  • Prairies and Northern (Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Yukon Territory, Northwest Territories, and Nunavut)
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic (Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia)

And one election bureau chief, from any region, to act as coordinating and general editor of the project.

The responsibilities of each reporter will include:

  • a weekly filing of one:
    • short report on a topical issue
    • analysis on an election issue
    • report on a regionally important issue receiving little coverage, especially those that affect students or youth
  • reporting to the election bureau chief

**Reporters will not file partisan reports that campaign for or ask readers to vote for one particular candidate.**

The responsibilities of the election bureau chief will include:

  • coordinating coverage of the federal election with the regional reporters
  • providing leads for the reporters to pursue
  • editing and preparing for publication the reporters’ stories
  • collecting lessons and resources on election coverage
  • reporting to CUP’s National Executive

Each reporter will receive an honorarium of $100 per published story at a maximum of one story per week over the course of 20 weeks.

The election bureau chief will receive a payment of $3,000 allocated at various stages of completion of the project.

**CUP is now partnering with Discourse Media on the Possible Canadas project. Successful candidates for the Western reporter and Prairies and Northern reporter will be offered the opportunity to participate in Possible Canadas, which includes paid travel to Vancouver for a weekend of training to collaboratively create pieces about under-covered issues that should be addressed this federal election. Work done during the Possible Canadas project will be part of the Youth Vote project.**

Any questions regarding these opportunities or the project as a whole should be directed to Ryan Macfarlane, National Executive, at

All applications should include a resume and cover letter that demonstrates relevant experience or desire to participate in the project and should be sent to

Applications will remain open until 11:59 PDT, August 31, 2015. Successful candidates shall be notified and start the project by September 7, 2015.