CUP has created a solution for members who were looking for a wire updated live with content.

Instead of spending our members’ money developing a custom RSS feed wire, we used popular RSS reader Feedly to organize and deliver our member papers’ content. Feedly has a very user-friendly interface for both their web and mobile apps.

The traditional will continue to run, publishing outstanding and nationally relevant content curated by the national executive.

Why should members republish CUP articles?

With the digital age upon us, publications have been forced to provide a constant flow of content to their websites to keep readers coming back. This can be tough for student publications where there might not be enough manpower to publish fresh content daily. This is where CUP comes in.

With impressive and student-centric content being produced across the country, you can republish it with just a few clicks. Republishing CUP articles is a great way to keep your website (and social media pages) refreshed, facilitate discussion and draw in page views. By situating yourself as a one-stop-shop campus publication, you can get a loyal following and stay relevant to your readers.

For information on how to set up your own RSS wire, contact