So last week (and the weekend) CUP National Office had the opportunity to take in Toronto’s NXNE — also known as North by Northeast. Originally conceived as a festival similar to the Austin, Texas, based SXSW. After 19 years it’s still fairly similar, but has taken on the flavour of the city. In addition to the most well known branch, the music, it has spread to include film, comedy and a NXNEi (the ‘i’ stands for interactive). NXNEi this year was a three day conference discussing a range of topics from the music industry, interactive technology and social media.

Sam and I attended a couple of the more relevant speakers, including a talk by HootSuite on staying local and government agencies discussing digital media funding applications.

We also attended tons of music, which we will have CUPwire coverage of soon. There will be lots of photos, for members to use as they will. Part of our original goal was to collect photos of bands playing who would be touring all or parts of Canada over the upcoming year so that members planning to preview shows have an option other than a provided press photo (which may or may not have copyright issues). We’ll also have a couple interviews and quick bite reviews of shows from bands originating from across Canada. While we don’t have every city covered, we got to see bands from Vancouver to Halifax, although most are from southern Ontario.

If you want to pick our brains about what we learned at the conference section or get us to put certain content ahead of other pieces, let us know.

Also, in related news, we now have Instagram. This is relevant to this post because I shot a number of pictures using said app, so if you want an idea of some of the bands there will be coverage of, look us up. We’re CanUniPress.

By Divine Right play in a Gazebo as part of #nxne in #Toronto

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