Dear CUP members,


The Canadian University Press’ Board of Directors is looking for a member to fill the Atlantic representative position on the board. If you’re interested in the position, please send an email to by June 17, 2016. As per the CUP bylaws, the board intends to appoint a member to fill the position at the June 18 board meeting.

The Atlantic representative must be from a paper in the Atlantic region of CUP and will be required to attend monthly board meetings as well as participate or lead any number of other projects they choose to take on.

As per section VII of the CUP Bylaws (

  1. Individuals must meet the following qualifications in order to hold office as a director of the corporation.
    • May not hold other paid positions within the Corporation.
    • Must be eighteen years of age or older.
    • Must be legally eligible to hold office as a director according to the Act.
  2. Eligibility of representatives
    • Regional representatives: Be an active member of a CUP paper for the duration of the director’s first year on the board, the following year it is not required to be an active member of a CUP paper.

More information about what’s involved in being a board member can be found in the CUP Bylaws ( If you have any questions about the position, please contact CUP HR Officer Cam Raynor at or CUP President Nicolas Brown at