NASH IS HERE. Have fun, stay safe, meet Chris Jones. In addition to the serious document outlining administrative stuff that needs to be dealt with, we’ve prepared this little report for you to stay up-to-date on what the board/other member papers across the country have been doing.

CUP Survey:

We worked on a survey aimed at BOTH member papers and non-member papers, just for the sake of gathering data on the demographics of student journalism, what people are doing, how CUP can help, and where things are headed. If you didn’t get the chance to fill it out online, don’t fret: we have many paper copies here for you to fill out. 🙂 🙂 🙂

BeLaboured Update:

BeLaboured, CUP’s grant-funded, labour reporting project completed in collaboration with Journalists for Human Rights and made possible with the generous support of the Atkinson Foundation, is finished. You can find all the stories at Seven stories about various labour issues across Canada, from workplace diversity to the decline in newsprint manufacturing, were written by fellow student journalists. They’re profiled on the website, and they also each had a professional journalist mentor them through the process.

Because of the generous support of the Atkinson Foundation, we were able to pay the student journalists a fair wage for these articles, and the project resulted in a pretty website as well as exposure through advertisements, social media, and mainstream pickup. We don’t have any more projects in the funnel right now, but FRET NOT, because guess what: you can start one! The current board would love to help point you in the right direction. Former Executive Director and current continuity rep Ryan Macfarlane administered the Youth Vote project and BeLaboured while he was exec and is a good place to start. Have an idea for a series of articles based around one theme? WANT to have an idea but don’t know how to go about it? Talk to Ryan or your regional rep and we can help you get started. And it’s a good idea to do so! If you administer a grant, then you can write your own salary into the grant proposal, and get paid a fair wage for your ideas and administration of these ideas.


Over the last couple of months, CUP has been hosting a series of roundtable discussions with local journalists and people in the industry. The topic of the pilot series of roundtables was “What Separates Journalism from Other Online Content?” Cam Raynor, CUP’s HR representative, held a roundtable in Edmonton where a 17-person mix of journalists and students participated in the discussion. Emily Keenan, your ARCUP representative, held one for the Atlantic region, with a similar level of engagement. Efforts in Calgary and Saskatoon were less successful, but that can be attributed to the sprawl of the regions involved.

Developing the CUP network:

One thing that CUPpies past and present always emphasize is that at the core, CUP is the network of people that comprise it. So we’ve been focusing on ways to try and maximize the awareness that everyone has of this network — its visibility. The roundtables are one way of us doing that, bringing past and present CUPpies together to meet each other. It’s useful for current CUPpies for obvious reasons — “networking,” tips, friendships, mentoring — and it’s also useful for those former CUPpies that want to stay in contact with the people currently working on student journalism in Canada.

Other small initiatives that we’re looking to do are called “CUPChats” on ScribbleLive. Similar idea to the roundtables, but with one or two people there to answer questions, all taking place online. You can find some archived on J-Source.

Board vacancies and future elections:

There’s a PNCUP vacancy. We’ve contacted member papers for the Prairie region, and no candidates have came forward. The board opted to let the vacancy stand until plenary.

This vacancy arose from Danielle Fuechtmann, former PNCUP rep, taking over the vacant Communications role.

Have fun!