After putting together a grant proposal for the Atkinson foundation, we are happy to say CUP will be receiving $20,000 for its project Be-laboured.

We wrote the proposal earlier this year (a huge thanks to Erin Hudson and Shelley Robinson who were an integral part of the process). Partnered with Journalists for Human Rights, CUP will help its members write articles on labour issues in their communities. Both the member papers and individual journalists will be compensated for their work and this grant will hugely help CUP’s bottom line.

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to JHR for their support and encourage everyone to donate to their campaign in South Sudan: — their goal is $50,000.

I’m more than excited both about the grant and the project. This helps strengthen CUP, especially when considering the successful partnerships we have already formed this year. This is definitely a cause for celebration!

I hope to bring more happy updates in the new year. Stay tuned for details of the project and how to participate in January and start brainstorming!

— Jane Lytvynenko

CUP National Exec