Greetings CUPpies!

If you haven’t seen the post on social media, we’ve developed a survey for current and former CUP members to get feedback on how we can work for you. Here’s a little rationale behind the survey, but the tl;dr is: please fill it out!

Student newspapers aren’t just the training ground for the future of journalism – we consistently do amazing, important work shedding light on issues that are currently affecting students across the country, whether it’s how campuses handle fees, how students respond in the face of oppression, or all the other myriad strengths that our youth, access, and perspective give us. And we want to make sure that this work can continue free of obstruction or interruption.

We’re at a critical point in media rights in Canada, not to mention the rest of the world considering Tuesday’s events. Organization in the face of increasingly oppressive power structures, structures that threaten the very being of a free press, is more important than ever.

You are CUP, plain and simple. CUP is for organizing, protecting each other, and making sure that we can use our collective power together. But speaking as your Board of Directors, we need to know how to best do this and what you want from us. The survey, hopefully, will give us a better idea on how to do that. If, on the off chance you don’t get to say your piece in the survey, just shoot an email to your regional rep to talk.

Let us know if you have any questions, and let’s make sure that we work together so that everyone gets from CUP what they need.


The Board

Click here for the survey!