Reduced fees, NASH80, JHMs, events, services and relaunch of the Wire

This year, the Canadian University Press (CUP) has dramatically reduced membership fees in a move to rebuild membership and turn a new chapter in the organization’s 80-year history. For 2017-18, CUP fees will be calculated as 1.2% of publications’ budgets, capped at $190. This new fee structure aims to eliminate the financial barrier to participating in CUP. In addition, the value of member benefits now easily exceeds the cost of membership. For instance, members will receive 20 free entries into the JHM student journalism awards (regularly $10/entry) and a $100/delegate discount on NASH conference registration fees.

Updated fees

The CUP membership passed a motion at CUP Plenary to cap membership at $475 in a bid to make CUP more attractive to publications. It’s no secret that CUP’s membership base has shrunk over the past few years, and the reduced membership has lowered revenue to the point that CUP no longer employs any staff. The resulting reduction of services made it impossible to justify the past fee structure.

2017-18 is a year for CUP to chart a new course. Costly services that made sense in the past no longer stack up today and the board has worked to bring CUP back to its core purpose—connecting student publications across Canada to support Canadian student journalism. Since plenary, the board has further cut operating costs and reduced fees by another 60% across the board. This brings fees down to 1.2% of publications’ budgets, capped at $190.

NASH discount

NASH has always been at the core of CUP. This year, the Eyeopener is bringing NASH back to Toronto and already has some excellent keynotes, workshops and activities planned. More information about NASH80 is readily available at

NASH is made possible by CUP’s members, and, in recognition of this, we’ve instituted a members’ registration discount of $100—over half the cost of membership.

The Johnnies

CUP has been hosting the JHM student journalism awards since 2003 and honored many student journalists and publications over the years. Entry fees will be reduced for all publication’s this year to $10 per entry, and members will get 20 free entries.

Meetups + meetings

There’s no good reason why NASH should be the only time CUP members meetup and connect. We’ll be supporting local meetups for members to share their experiences and learn from each other, as well as online regional meetings as a platform to share what’s going on and support each other.

In addition, CUP operates a nationwide Slack channel for members to contact one-anotherand share stories/resources.


CUP’s core services aren’t going anywhere. We still provide access to CUP lawyers, advocate on behalf of members, offer CWA membership, and pursue national grants to offer additional opportunities to members.

Wire relaunch

What even happened to the Wire? Glad you asked! The wire ceased functioning a couple years ago when CUP laid-off editors due to financial pressures. This year’s board has been exploring options to relaunch the Wire and these efforts are starting to bear fruit. Stay tuned for an upcoming announcement about a relaunch of the Wire in the late fall/early winter.

For more information please contact Cameron Raynor at