CUP’s newswire—the CUPwire—has been down for about a week now. The issue is a database error, but after getting technical support from the hosting service, it’s still unclear what exactly brought the wire down. Thankfully, CUP’s main site hasn’t been affected—but the downtime of the CUPwire has certainly impacted papers.

The CUPwire will be restored eventually, but it may take some time still.

In the interim, CUP needs a way to continue its long tradition of story exchange.

At the beginning of the year CUP introduced you to Slack and it has proven to be a good tool for quickly communicating. Considering CUPpies are already using Slack, it makes sense as a platform to host a story exchange.

Introducing the CUP Slack Story Exchange

Imagine it’s production night and you suddenly realize that one of your stories just can’t go to print or you have a contributor who backs out last minute. How convenient would it be to request exactly what you need and have someone share a story with you?

Go to the Slack channel #story-exchange, request a story (for example: “Who has a good ~500 words, entertainment, non-region specific story?”) and let the CUP network help you out.

Sharing on the story exchange will also create a direct relationship between papers who are sharing and papers who are republishing. Now, you will know exactly where and to whom your content is going.

**If you haven’t joined the CUP Slack channel yet, and your paper is a CUP member, please fill out the form below and we’ll get you in ASAP. If you can’t see the embedded form, click here. Or, as always, email**