If you’re like most humans, you probably procrastinated donating to a 45-day campaign — it seems like so much time.

Or maybe you attended one of our events and didn’t have cash or your cheque book on you.

Or maybe you JUST found out CUP was doing a fundraising campaign and now it seems like it’s too late?


A donation now goes a long way in helping secure CUP and ensure we are financially viable. So now that you’re here and ready, please don’t hesitate any longer!

Here’s how you donate now:

1. By mail — address till April 30, 2014: 005-411 Richmond St E, Toronto ON M5A 3S

2. By credit card over the phone — call 416-962-2287 (or toll free at 866-250-5595) and ask for CUP President Erin Hudson