ErinThis is my last day as CUP president. (Yes, I know what you’re thinking — great choice of photo.)

First, I’d like thank you for your patience, your passion and dedication to student press. Meeting you and discussing and debating various elements of journalism truly made it all worthwhile for me.

The role you play as a student journalist for your peers and communities, often without recognition or fair remuneration, is crucial to a healthy campus and society at large. Thank you for doing what you do come hell or highwater.

To current CUP members, thank you for your patience and belief in CUP. This is a great organization that facilitates the development and creates opportunities for young journalists. Thank you for fighting for it.

To all the alumni who proved that once a CUPpie, always a CUPpie. Thank you for supporting us in a time of need and paying it forward for the next generation of young journalists.

In light of the crisis that came full circle during my term as president, I did everything I could and I appreciate your continued support and trust as the Board and myself began the difficult task of rebuilding and restructuring.

As we look to the year ahead, I’m incredibly excited to introduce the new faces behind CUP for 2014–15. Front and centre is my successor to the national office, Jane Lytvynenko. I have complete confidence in Jane and I’m looking forward to seeing her in action this year. Next is the new group of directors on the Board who bring to CUP diverse skill sets and approaches. As Continuity Director, I am thrilled to be working with such a talented group.

Finally, I hope you’re proud and excited to be a CUPpie. CUP is an organization in the midst of a transformation and the need for innovation and collaboration is immediate. CUP is only as strong as its members, so stay close to one another and to CUP; be ready to lend a hand and ask for one when you need it.

If you’re looking for me, I’m over at Stay in touch and all the best.


Erin Hudson

[bra_toggle collapsable=’no’ caption=’ICYMI the (abbreviated) report of my run as CUP president’]

  • Six new partners joined forces with CUP; The Fulcrum Publishing Society, Journalists for Human Rights, Newspapers Canada, MarketWired, ScribbleLive, Virtual Paper
  • CUP got a new logo
  • Our national conference ran a profit of approximately $26,000
  • CUP earned over $3,000 in press release distribution
  • Fundraised over $12,000 for the #keepCUPstrong campaign
  • Reduced CUP’s monthly expenses by 80 per cent[/bra_toggle]