Friday, November 1st
9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Vancouver Public Library, The Morris J. Wosk Boardroom
350 West Georgia Street

Any CWA Canada associate members in the Western, or Prairies and Northern CUP regions are welcome to apply for a spot in this freelance training course.
The Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch is hosting a day-long seminar designed to help you succeed as an independent content producer. We know that it can be difficult to make a living in this era of converging markets and shrinking editorial budgets but we’ve assembled a great roster of professionals to help you with some of your most common issues.

Don Genova, Branch President and multimedia freelancer, and Joanne Sasvari, a Vancouver-based writer and editor,will talk about freelance opportunities and how to pitch your ideas.

Social Media and Marketing Strategist Rebecca Coleman will solve the mystery of what Klout is and how Facebook and Twitter can help your career.

Paolo Pietropaolo is an independent radio producer with programs heard around the world. His presentation will make you prick up your ears.

We will also have advice from an accountant on if you really can deduct that subscription to Macleans from your income. And if you’ve been wondering about those new contracts you have to sign that seem to ask for everything including your first-born we have advice for you on that as well.

The course is free for CWA Canada associate members, and lunch and coffee will be included! Please pass this invite along to other journalists at your papers. If they are not already members, they can sign up here.

Space is limited. Please apply here by Monday, October, 14th!

Brought to you by the Canadian Media Guild Freelance Branch and our parent union, CWA-Canada.