The Globe and Mail Student Advisory Council and what it means for you

What is it?

The Globe and Mail Student Council is composed of a group of approximately 200 postsecondary students across Canada who contribute to the paper’s coverage of education.

What does it do?

Students will suggest and answer polls, tell us about news on their campus, submit blogs and videos, participate in Google hangouts, keep in contact with Globe editors and reporters and work with Globe staff to generate special projects.

The group will also have a dedicated Facebook group where they can talk to other students from across the country and network.

Through the year, the Globe will offer special events for members of the group where Globe reporters and guests will host interactive sessions online or in person on campuses. We also hope that as the group develops, more experienced contributors will be able to take on mentorship roles for newer members.

How to become a member

To become a member of the group, students should be registered full or part time in a postsecondary institution at the undergraduate, graduate or professional levels. A short note with the campus, field of study and the student’s existing extracurricular involvement should be provided (creative, political, advocacy, volunteer, etc.). You will be provided with a short introductory and training package.


The group will run for the duration of the 2013-14 academic year.

Dedicated online presence

The group will generate a weekly contribution from a campus across the country and have a monthly interactive event online. Globe editors will also post topics for discussions on Facebook and take suggestions for such topics from the members. Transcripts will be posted online.

Major projects

For each of the three terms, the group will undertake one special project.

For the fall term, the special project will be a video series featuring short videos shot by students on a key question on their campus. The questions currently under consideration include “What makes your university town the best” and “Explain one goal for your time in university this year” – ideas are welcome.


There is no paid compensation for participating in the Facebook group, offering news tips from your campus or story ideas. As is current practice, unsolicited commentary and op/ed pieces for use online are not paid an honorarium. Students or student journalists who submit ideas for news and features that are accepted will be paid for their work at current Globe and Mail rates. Blog posts that are solicited by editors may also be paid an honorarium.


If you have any questions, please get in touch with Education Editor Simona Chiose who is leading the project at