After every conference and during every CUPchat our lovely members ask for one thing consistently: being able to talk to each other. Well, we took your requests to heart and created a CUP-only online community on Slack.

Slack is something like a private social network. It’s invite-only and you can join by using the form below (as long as you’re a CUP member or alum). It’s a powerful tool used in newsrooms across the country, including the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Postmedia and the CBC. It has private messaging tools, channels that are used as forums and a whole lot of potential.

We envision it being a place for collaboration, discussion, and helping each other out. Engaging the community, sharing good work and recent news. But there’s a lot more Slack can do, once we get more people on here would be happy to talk about more possibilities. There’s already a healthy dose of fun and discussion with student journos and alumni from CUP.

Currently, it features a job board and regional as well at topical chats. Alumni in the group have expressed interest in helping students with their proposals. Unlike emails, it doesn’t bud into your day-to-day life unnecessarily but can definitely complement the work you’re doing.

Our biggest strength is the community surrounding CUP, and we hope to pass that on to members. Everyone from occasional volunteers to editors-in-chief to alumni are welcome. See you on there.