Please welcome our new board of directors, elected during plenary at NASH82

Jacob Dubé (The Eyeopener) – President

Sarah Krichel (The Eyeopener) – Vice President

Emma McPhee (The Brunswickan) – Treasurer

Caitlin Dutt (The Aquinian) – Communications Officer

Scott Jacobsen (The Peak) – Director of Funding

Director of Operations (Vacant)

Kurtis Rideout (The Cord) – Continuity Rep

Kosalan Kathiramalanathan (The Eyeopener) – Ontario Rep

Tyler Griffin (The Eyeopener) Ontario Rep

Bailey Martens (The Ubyssey) – Western Rep

Western Rep 2 (Vacant)

J.C. Balicanta Narag (The Sheaf) – Prairies North Rep

Ana Cristina Camacho (The Sheaf) – Prairies North Rep

Willa Holt (McGill Daily) – Quebec Rep

Quebec Rep 2 (Vacant)

Atlantic Rep (Both Vacant)