Our time at 890 Yonge Street has been sweet but short.

We moved into our current offices in Newspapers Canada back in January but we are now preparing to leave as our collection of stuff has grown too large for the office.

Where did all of this stuff come from you might ask? Well, it all goes back to that infamous ad company called Campus Plus.

After Campus Plus declared bankruptcy, CUP, as the sole shareholder and parent of the company is legally obligated to hold on to back files. So the CUP national office plus four Campus Plus filing cabinets will be moving in one week to our new location across town. But before we do, we’re going to celebrate the end of an era – we’re leaving Yonge Street! – by raising a glass to next steps and moving forward. Come join us on Friday Sept. 13 at the Crown and Dragon, a legendary after-work watering hole with some famed sketchings on the wall.

As of Sept. 16, here’s our new mailing address:

411 Richmond Street East, Suite 005

Toronto, ON M5A 3S5

We’ll be in the basement next to a catering business (yum) and next door to some kind of extreme sports enterprise. We’re looking forward to a change of pace and, if you’re ever kicking around Toronto, we’d love to show you around.