NASH 2014 — MASH UP is almost here. In less than a month’s time we will all be in one hotel, living with feet of one another, snacking, drinking, puking and learning together as one collective body known as Canadian University Press. Hope you’re excited for it — ’cause we are! (And if you still haven’t registered — no time like the present.)

But, like all wise people probably tell you often, it’s important to plan ahead. Which means that though NASH 2014 hasn’t even begun, we need to start planning for NASH 2015!

So, first of all, where in Canada do you want to go next January?

More importantly, do you and your paper want to play host to 400 campus journalists?

If the answer is yes (or even maybe), start working on your bid now. All bids will be presented at CUP’s annual members’ meeting on Jan. 12 and a majority vote will determine the location and paper responsible for hosting the next NASH. Some suggestions for your bid:

  • Potential speakers
  • Potential events
  • Potential locations
  • Attractions of your city/town/campus
  • A theme, if desired
  • Potential budget/model for fundraising

For more information and resources contact the CUP President at