Naughty (and not in a cute way)

Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson 

Ryerson Free Press is gone. After their editor-in-chief left in fall 2012 (reasons unknown, though CESAR admitted they are in legal proceedings against her), the association continued to spend nearly $50,000 in student fees despite production grinding to a halt, The Eyeopener reported. In an article by The Dialog, two former editors revealed their side of the story — not that there was another side really, since CESAR remained tight lipped as to what caused the demise of the RFP and where student money went.

What’s worse is that this isn’t the first time. In 2005, the entire staff of NightViews resigned after the “unfair dismissal” of two editors by CESAR. Not impressed. Like, at all.

Queen’s Alma Mater Society

After The Journal ran an editorial critical of the AMS-led renovation of a campus nightclub, nearly all advertising from the AMS was pulled, J-Source reported. Coincidence? Coming off a poor track record — last year the AMS terminated the business manager for campus radio station CFRC without notice after a budget restructure — it’s highly unlikely.

Sheridan College administration

Sheridan College staged a mass lockdown drill with advanced simulation for both students and police. The Sheridan Sun’s journalists had a role in the simulation — act as media reporting on the lockdown as it happens. The journalists took video and photos, as they had prearranged with the college and police, however, the next day journalism faculty members requested The Sun remove its visual coverage claiming it was “disturbing.” The images are missing with the black banner stating “The Sheridan Sun’s comprehensive video coverage of Monday’s lockdown drill was ordered removed from the site by Sheridan College administration.”

Student Association of St. Lawrence College 

Without much fanfare the president of the SA at St. Lawrence College cancelled the Student Voice’s membership to CUP. Unnamed sources said the paper does not exist anymore and is now an SA newsletter. Rise up and reclaim your voice, students!

Nice (you did good — so far)

UBC Students’ Union Okanagan

The Phoenix began a renewed push for independence from the UBCSUO this fall and, so far, it’s been going well. A push in 2011 wasn’t enough so here’s hoping that 2014 is the year. We’re here. Watching. Waiting.

University of Windsor Student Alliance

After nearly shutting The Lance down, the UWSA had a complete about-face. UWSA president Rob Crawford said it all during a meeting where he presented a plan to work with The Lance to become independent: “We’re trying to right some wrongs that we’ve done and honour the agreement we have with The Lance.”