Hello CUPpies far and wide,

Grab a coffee and buckle in for so many updates it will make your head spin. I’m so sorry that rhymed. Here’s a short list of what’s up in case you’re in the middle of production or the most important interview of your life while you’re reading this. TL;DR:

  • New partnership with Campus Shield (this one’s for you, business managers and ad reps).
  • New Campus Shield Business Manager Award will present two $500 awards at Nash. 
  • JHM submissions extended for another week, you snooze you lose.
  • EICs, travel pool is happening and it will be great. Brace yourselves.
  • NASH. It will be awesome. Come hang out in Ottawa.
  • CWA Media Works project — we want to pay you to cover labour stories in your communities and hire a handbook editor.
  • I’m so excited about this! CUP Secret Santa is a thing that’s happening this year.
  • Apply to run CUP next year! Do it! 
  • A friendly reminder about all of the other services added this year. 

Okay, let’s get this show on the road. First up, our brand spankin’ new partner, Campus Shield. With Jeffrey McCann at the helm, Campus shield is an insurance company targeted specifically at student organizations. They help review policy, make sure you’re covered legally and have provided all CUP members with 10% off their services. Sweet, huh?

It gets better. Aside from holding what will be a terrific crisis management workshop at Nash, they’ve teamed up with CUP to offer two awards to any student who has their toes dipped in the business side of running a newspaper. One award will go to an individual at a small paper (under $40,000 yearly budget) and one to a large paper (over $40,000 yearly budget). Whether you’re an ad rep, a business manager or a business-side volunteer who has helped out at a CUP paper, you can apply. You have to be a student. Here are the full criteria and application form. The prize? A sweet $500 and thunderous applause at Nash, where the Campus Shield award will be presented. Deadline to enter is December 5. Double sweet.

Next up, the JHMs. The JHMs are a series of awards for excellence in student journalism, which includes photography, design and overall badassery for the student journo of the year award. The deadline to enter was extended until this Saturday. Here’s where you enter, but be sure to read the very strict rules first. We wouldn’t want you to strike out before you even get into the game.

A quick heads up to EICs of all papers registered for Travel Pool: The time has come. For the uninitiated, Travel Pool is CUP’s initiative to get at least one person from each CUP paper to attend plenary, which takes place on the last day of Nash. During plenary you set the agenda for CUP’s future. We pay the way for you to get to Nash but the cost of the conference is not included. How do you decide who will be your plenary delegate? It’s up to the paper, but they have to sit through hours of policy decisions and know what’s going on. Usually the delegates are EICs of the paper, but we’re not picky. Already know who you’re going to send? Register here.

Speaking of Nash, it’s time to install a #Nash77 column in your Tweetdeck, brush up on the already announced speakers and start freaking out about the best national conference in the country. At least a student journalism one. If you haven’t registered to come yet, it’s not too late. This year Nash is more affordable than ever and you should take note. More info here: http://www.cupnash.com/NASH_ACCESS/

On to the CWA Media Works project. Here’s Katherine Lapointe, the head honcho of Media Works, explaining what it is in her own words. You should participate because you will get paid AND get experience. Take that, Bank of Canada Governor.

Media Works will involve the creation of a handbook to help media organizations and creators know their rights and better report on labour issues. There will also be paid freelance opportunities for 15 producers to create radio documentaries, feature articles, photo-stories, videos and graphic journalism pieces on topics related to labour and media.Get involved in the project!

Apply to be the Handbook Editor: Call for Applicants: Media Works Handbook Editor

The project will also give five CUP papers and their writers the chance to get paid to create a 1,000 – 1,250 word article on labour issues in your community.

Participating papers receive $300 and the writer(s) also receives $250! 

The online application form is here: http://goo.gl/forms/Xw0DI8nMkN

Whether you like it or not, the malls have started playing Christmas tunes and snow has fallen. (Okay, it has only fallen in some areas of Canada. Suddenly everyone is very jealous of BC.) To counteract the cheesy, I did something ultracheesy — CUP Secret Santa. If you’re wondering what the heck it is, it’s exactly what it sounds like. A CUP-wide gift exchange all former or current CUPpies can participate in anywhere in Canada or the US. (Sorry, peeps across the pond. Snail mail just takes too long.) With $30 in hand, you’re invited to creep your giftee’s social media networks and articles to find the ideal gift to wrap in some newspaper. Here’s where you sign up: http://www.cup.ca/members/cup-secret-santa/

Let’s get serious for a second, this is important. CUP is looking to hire the next National Executive, President and board members. The job descriptions have changed and some requirements, like the police check, take a while, so if you’re thinking about it you have to be on the ball. I’m always happy to schedule a call or answer a string of emails about any of the jobs. 

Last but not least, keep this in the back of your mind, these are updates from earlier this year you might have missed. CUP still has an iPolitics partnership — you can reprint any of their content. There’s an RSS-feed wire for members only, email me if you need help setting it up. We’ve hired Rachel Ward as our Labour Bureau Chief, pitch her stories at labour@cup.ca and we’ve welcomed a new member to our cohort, the Antheneaum aka the Ath. 

More exciting things are happening soon. I look forward to putting the faces to the emails and Twitter handles at Nash. Always here if you need me.


Jane Lytvynenko
CUP’s National Exec