Good afternoon fellow CUPpies,
It is now just over two weeks since we departed Toronto with a very successful end to NASH’78. As a result of final plenary, CUP members elected an entirely new Board of Directors to guide Canadian University Press into a new year.
CUP has been facing some significant challenges in recent years. The discussions that took place throughout NASH’78 made it abundantly clear to me that action needs to be taken to continue providing value to the members of CUP. As the new President, I feel that our newly elected Board of Directors has been given a very strong mandate by the members to pursue growth for CUP.
Your new Board of Directors for 2016-2017 are;
I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with such a diverse and engaged group of people. I am proud to say that not only are all CUP regions well-represented on the board, we have also reached near gender parity, with 5 of the 12 members of the board being women. I am confident that this extraordinary group will bring many excellent ideas to the table for the benefit of CUP.
With that being said, CUP exists because of its members. Without our members, CUP cannot be the amazing organization we have all come to know and love. My goal is to find ways to provide even more value to student media across Canada over the next year. I encourage all of you to contact your Regional Representative with questions, concerns or suggestions about anything CUP-related, and to stay engaged.
Warm Regards,
Nicolas Brown