After the bankruptcy of Campus Plus a trustee, MNP, took charge of handling the wrap up of the company.


MNP has reached the point where the have collected all the money possible that was owed to the company and they are preparing to issue pay outs to all the parties who are owed money by the company. If your paper is owed money by Campus Plus and has not yet put in a claim for that money, submit your claim immediately.


Before any money changes hands, MNP is issuing one last call out for creditors to submit a claim for money that is owed to them. MNP’s deadline to receive claims is November 29, 2013. 


If you do NOT submit a claim and later try to claim, you will NOT receive anything — it will be too late and all money will be gone. Don’t let the opportunity go. You won’t get another one.


If you have any questions about this process, please contact the professionals at MNP directly.


If you require supplementary documents, CUP may be able to assist you. Please contact CUP President Erin Hudson for more information.