It’s that super busy time of the year when the whole world feels like it’s going to fall on you. Here’s some more stuff to stress you out OR get you pumped up, depending on how you roll.

Applications for the national office.

Run to become CUP’s next president or national bureau chief! Check out the details of your application, the election and potential changes to your would-be job here.

Claim money from Campus Plus.   

Campus Plus went bankrupt and most of you are its creditors. Make sure that you’ve filed your claim by Nov. 30¬†otherwise you’ll miss your chance to get back the money that you’re owed.

National conference registration ends.

You have until Nov. 30 to register for NASH! Watch out for @CUPNash‘s tweets with discount codes that will give 10 lucky delegates 20 per cent off regular registration prices. Don’t miss your chance to see Robyn Doolittle, Mark Coatney, Ezra Levant and Aliya-Jasmine Sovani along with so many others.