Hi Everyone!

Here’s what’s been going on up here in CUP headquarters over the past little while:

Regional Conferences

WPNCUP was two weekends ago and was spectacularly successful. We had about 70 CUPies and nearly 100 total delegates out in Kamloops, BC for what I think was one of the most successful regional conferences yet. Kudos to Mike Davies of the Omega (as well as our Opinions and Humour Editor) for the fantastic organization.

ARCUP in Saint John, NB is this coming weekend and I will confess that this is the regional that I am most excited to attend because I’ve never visited the east coast before. From what I can see thus far, it looks like it’s going to be a big success as well. Even though registration is now closed, if you want information on the conference, email Anthony Enman at the Baron (publisher@thebaron.ca) for all things conference.

And finally, we sadly had to cancel the proposed ORPUCbeq conference that was planned for Sherbrooke, QC. The conference organizers weren’t able to drum up enough interest from speakers and it was too late to relocate. Hopefully we’ll see all of you from Ontario, Quebec, and PUC out at NASH and of course have an awesome spring conference instead. If you have any concerns that you wished to bring to the plenary discussion at that (now cancelled) conference, email them either to me or your regional reps (ontario.board@cup.ca, quebec.board@cup.ca, nfd@cup.ca) and we’ll hopefully sort them out.


That’s right, NASH is happening again (this time without any projectile vomiting we hope … are Noro jokes ever going to get old?). Conference coordinator Emma Godmere has set up a lovely website where you can find all things NASH related and it is at http://cupnash.ca. There is also an early-bird registration discount on until Friday this week so get your name in now! FYI, if you register early you do not actually have to pay early(I’ve been getting this question a lot) Regardless of when you register, payment is due at the conference (so don’t think you have to cough up $550 now just to get the good deal).

JHM Awards

Speaking of NASH things, the 9th annual Johnnies are well underway. If you want to have your best work judged for the chance at fame and fabulous prizes (or so I’m told), hit up http://cup.ca/johnnies and submit before November 2. For more information, contact Shelby Blackley at jhm@cup.ca.

We use social media (because all the kids are doin’ it)

If you haven’t done so already:



aaaaaaand the all new CUP Blog (which I know only has two posts thus far, but more will come) http://cup.ca/blog

Finally, I want to hear from you!

The CUP office gets lonely sometimes and I love nothing more than chatting with our papers to help make sure everything is running smoothly. Have something to say? Something you think we’re doing really well or really not? Email, call, tweet, carrier pigeon … whatever you know where to find me!

Talk to you all later,