National conference Fondly known as 'NASH'

Our largest annual event and the largest event of its kind in Canada.

Drawing more than 400 students from coast to coast, the five-day conference offers young journalists opportunity for significant professional development and the chance to network with peers and renown players in the industry.

Notable events at the conference include the  announcement of the winners of John H. McDonald Journalism Awards at the annual awards gala and the annual members meeting for all members of Canadian University Press and Presse Universitaire Canadienne.

The conference is hosted by a different member paper each year and takes place in January. The 2014 conference was hosted by The Gateway, University of Alberta's official student newspaper in Edmonton Alberta. The 2015 conference was hosted by the University of Ottawa's independent newspaper The Fulcrum in Ottawa Ontario.

The 2016 conference was hosted by CUP in Toronto, Ontario. The 2017 conference will be hosted by The Brunswickan, Canada's oldest official student student publication in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and will celebrate both The Brunswickan's and the country's 150th anniversary.

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