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What is the CWA Canada Associate Member Program?

In 2011, CWA Canada started offering free associate memberships to all student and entry-level media workers. As a media union concerned about the future of journalism and of quality jobs in journalism, CWA Canada wants to support emerging journalists, photographers, copy editors, designers, producers, and other media workers in making the transition from school to work by providing training, networking, and mentorship opportunities.

Associate members have begun working collectively to advocate for the rights of young and emerging media workers. We are organizing for jobs that pay, better positions and working conditions, and respect for our work. It's only through working together that we can make our careers in media sustainable!

Why join? You'll get access to:

  1. The CWA Canada mentorship program.
  2. Union training courses and conferences.
  3. Monthly e-newsletter with program updates and relevant links.
  4. Meet and greets, and special internship and freelancing opportunities.
  5. A network of nearly 7,000 media workers!


Opportunities we have organized for members:

Over 100 student journalists have worked with professional mentors at CBC, Canadian Press, Thomson Reuters, APTN and newspapers across the country.

Want to know what it's like to work with a mentor? Read about some of the experiences of student journalists in this program below:

Erika Faust, Interrobang, London, ON

Justin Fauteux, The Cord, Waterloo, ON

Click here for more information on our mentorship service.


Paid freelancing opportunities.

Associate members get to work with a mentor to cover an event related to labour, youth, internship and/or journalism. Here are some examples:

Experience or exploitation? Conference ramps up debate on unpaid internships by Anqi Shen

Unpaid internships: a boon or a bane? by Preeteesh Peetabh Singh

Mayworks Festival of Working People and the Arts: Recognition where it is overdue by Haseena Manek

Join the family together to celebrate Arlene's talent by Alena Khabibullina


Opportunities to participate in CWA Canada professional training courses.

12 student journalists from across Canada got to participate in day-long freelance journalism training courses this fall.

Last year, a student traveled to Toronto to attend a week-long video editing course:

I attended the CWA Canada video editing course as a student journalist and am very glad I was selected for this opportunity. During the sessions, I met and collaborated with professional journalists working in a variety of areas, from print to radio to page design. In addition to developing my video editing skills, I was able to gain insight into what to expect in the industry and what is required of multimedia journalists. The equipment we were provided was state of the art -- we learned how to cut video using Final Cut Pro X (a lot of these skills are transferable to programs like Avid and iMovie) on our own assigned Mac laptops and had access to high-quality microphones, recording devices, and cameras. Everyone I got in touch with at CWA Canada was helpful and accommodating, and our instructor skilfully led us through the practical components of video editing keeping in mind our varying levels of expertise. The end of the course was especially rewarding as we paired off to produce, shoot and edit a short clip, applying what we'd learned. I would recommend this free course to student journalists looking to develop a working knowledge of video editing.

-Anqi Shen, Online News Editor at the Silhouette, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON


Networking opportunities with professional journalists.

Just to give you one example, associate members in the Toronto area were invited to a "Media Mixer" along with hundreds of members of the Canadian Media Guild, all media workers at Canadian Press, CBC, Thomson Reuters, APTN, Shaw or Zoomer.


Paid internship opportunities.
TEMPORARILY ON HOLD. CWA Canada negotiated with the Canadian Press to make CUP journalists eligible for CP internships across the country. They are one week long, they pay $200 ($100 from CP and $100 from CWA Canada), and they are at locations across CanadaMore information here.


To become a member, sign up here!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the program coordinator: Katherine Lapointe
Phone: 416-795-8598


More on the CWA Canada Associate Membership program:

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