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List of current and past mentors. Thanks to all!

Barbara Adhiya, Thomson Reuters, Toronto

Charlsie Agro - CBC, Toronto

Alison Auld - The Canadian Press, Halifax

Timothy Avery - Thomson Reuters, Toronto

Janet Bagnall - Montreal Gazette

Robert Ballantyne - CBC, Toronto

Robert Barlow - CBC, Toronto

Adam Bowie - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Maureen Brosnahan - CBC, Toronto

René Bruemmer - Montreal Gazette

Samuel Bufalini - CBC, Victoria

Tamsyn Burgmann - CBC, Vancouver

Adrian Chamberlain - Victoria Times Colonist

Bruce Cheadle - The Canadian Press, Toronto

Pat Coppard - Victoria Times Colonist

Dave Croft - CBC North, Whitehorse

Dave Dale - North Bay Nugget

Anu Dawit-Kanna - CBC, Vancouver

Bruce Deachman - Ottawa Citizen

Dominique Delisle - CBC, Winnipeg

Matthew Dempsey - Halifax Chronicle Herald

Stuart Derdeyn - The Province, Vancouver

Simon Dingley - CBC, Toronto

Geoffrey Downey - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

David Friend - The Canadian Press, Toronto

Wil Fundal - CBC, Prince George

Bill Gillespie - CBC, Toronto

Allan Gofenko - CBC North, Yellowknife

Devon Goodsell - CBC, Vancouver

Gareth Hampshire - CBC, Edmonton

Jonathan Hayward - The Canadian Press, Vancouver

Gord Holder - Ottawa Citizen

Tammy Hoy - The Canadian Press, Toronto

Meghan Hurley - Ottawa Citizen

Erica Johnson - CBC, Vancouver

Kim Johnson - CBC, Windsor

Janice Johnston - CBC, Edmonton

Alison Garwood-Jones - CMG Freelance Member

Bob Keating - CBC, Nelson

Rosemary Knes - Ottawa Citizen

Tim Krochak - Halifax Chronicle Herald

Andrew Kurjata - CBC, Prince George

Theresa Lalonde - CBC, Vancouver

Adrian Lam - Victoria Times Colonist

Leif Larson - CBC, Winnipeg

Joanne Laucius - Ottawa Citizen

David Ljunggren - Thomson Reuters, Ottawa

Stephen Llewellyn - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Paola Loriggio - Canadian Press, Toronto

Pat Martel - CBC, Charlottetown

Peter McCluskey - CBC, Toronto

Paul McGrath - CBC, Toronto

Kerry McKee - CBC, London

Diana Mehta - Canadian Press, Toronto

Jacquie Miller - Ottawa Citizen

Alyssa Mosher - CBC North, Yellowknife

Monique Muise - Montreal Gazette

Marlene Murphy - CBC, Toronto

Kristy Nease - CBC, Ottawa

Forrest Orser - Fredericton Daily Gleaner

Jason Osler - CBC, Toronto

Nick Patch - The Canadian Press, Toronto

Matthew Pearson - Ottawa Citizen

Colin Perkel - CBC, Toronto

Andi Petrillo - CBC Sports, Toronto

Jacques Poitras - CBC, Fredericton

Francis Plourde - Radio Canada, Vancouver

Emily Ridlington - CBC North, Iqualuit

Charles Rusnell - CBC, Edmonton

Jennie Russell - CBC, Edmonton

Scott Russell - CBC, Toronto

Lorna Sandberg - CBC, Calgary

Paul Schliesmann - Kingston Whig-Standard

Jonathan Spence - CBC, Toronto

Steve Stapleton - CBC, Charlottetown

Darren Stone - Victoria Times-Colonist

Cassandra Szlarksi - The Canadian Press, Toronto

Megan Thomas - CBC, Sudbury

Eric Uhlich - Geist

Bob Vaillancourt - CBC, Sudbury

Chris Walker - CBC, Kelowna

Jeff Walters - CBC, Thunder Bay

Ken Warren - Ottawa Citizen

Randall Watson - Freelancer

Nancy Wilson - CBC, Ottawa

Jessica Wong - CBC, Toronto

Eric Wynne - Halifax Chronicle Herald

Our mentorship program connects student journalists in CUP with media professionals in CWA Canada. CWA Canada is the oldest and one of the largest media unions in Canada, with over 6,000 members at CBC, Canadian Press, APTN, Thomson Reuters, and newspapers and media outlets across the country.

Working with a mentor can help you to enhance your skills and achieve your career goals.  It’s an opportunity to develop a relationship with a journalist who can link you and your paper with the rest of the journalism community.  They are also potentially excellent references when applying to jobs and internships!

Whether you’re interested in pursuing a career as a reporter, television producer, radio technician, or national radio host, CWA Canada represents people employed in a wide variety of positions within the media sector.   If you are interested in being paired with a mentor, your name will be added to a database of students and you will be contacted when we find a mentor that is a good fit.

What does working with a mentor involve?

Working with a mentor can mean a variety of things, depending on what you're looking to get out of the experience.

In-person mentorships -- If you and your mentor are in the same city, you can:

  • Meet up once or several times to chat about your career path, to get feedback on your work, and to ask advice on challenges you have encountered as a journalist.
  • You can shadow your mentor for a day at their place of work.

Online mentorships -- If you and your mentor are in different cities, you can:

    • Send them pieces of your work for feedback and constructive criticism.
    • Email them your questions about journalism.
    • Schedule one or several phone calls to discuss their feedback, and to get advice on journalism skills and career options.


Want a better idea of what it's like to work with a mentor?

Read  about the experiences of other student journalists in this program:

Erika Faust, The Interrobang, London, ON working with Jason Osler, a CBC freelancer

Justin Fauteux, The Cord, Waterloo, ON working with Scott Russell, a CBC national sports reporter

CWA Canada’s online critique program was an incredibly useful experience for me. Over the summer, my mentor read several of my articles, gave me specific tips to strengthen my writing skills, and answered all of my newspaper and career-related questions in detail during a phone chat. As a student journalist, it’s difficult to receive constructive one-on-one feedback and a chance to network with media professionals -- this program gives you both of those opportunities! I truly hope that more student journalists and mentors use this great resource in the future.
-       Kristina Charania, The Peak



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