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Take advantage of the many group services offered by CWA Canada.


Workshops and training courses

We can help you set up workshops or summer training courses at your paper, school, or group.  Want to introduce your staff to basic news writing, help them improve their interview skills, or learn how your paper can make better use of multimedia tools?  We can help!

We've helped set up workshops at The Brock Press (with Canadian Press journalist, Colin Perkel), The Silhouette (with Canadian Press journalist, David Friend), The Gateway and The Griff (with CBC investigative journalist, Charles Rusnell), The Fulcrum (with Ottawa Citizen journalist, Matthew Pearson), The Cadre (with CBC journalist, Pat Martel), The Argosy (with CBC journalist, Jacques Poitras), The Brunswickan (with Daily Gleaner journalist, Geoffrey Downey), The Concordian (with Montreal Gazette journalist, Ron Carroll) and at several other papers across the country!


Newsroom Mentors

A unique model of mentorship where a journalist comes into your newsroom to work with your entire paper.

Journalists can take part in several different activities while they are visiting your paper:

  • Facilitate workshops.
  • Be present on press days to help with editing, or at story meetings  to give advice and feedback.
  • Work with staff and volunteers on specific stories and projects
  • Hold 'office hours' at your paper, where staff and volunteers can just drop in to ask for guidance.
Read about the partnership between The Ubyssey and Canadian Press journalist Tamsyn Burgmann.
Excerpt from Share your experience – be a mentor to an aspiring journalist:

Tamsyn Burgmann of the Canadian Press (CP) started working with the Ubyssey, the paper at the University of British Columbia, last winter.  Tamsyn ran two workshops, and was present to offer advice and editing during several in-house press days.   On top of these group activities, she also held office hours at the paper where students could drop by with questions about their work.  This allowed her to mentor the news editor, Kalyeena Makortoff, on how to pitch, write and edit an article for CP that ended up in the Globe and Mail, National Post, Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, and other newspapers across the country.   “Having a successful reporter take the time to read my articles and give me advice, made a career in journalism feel accessible,” says Kalyeena. “My mentor pushed me to improve my work and was able to answer questions that the student newsroom left unanswered. I received a lot of encouragement and constructive criticism on my writing and interview style that I might only find in J-school.”


Meet and Greets

Your paper could also have an opportunity to visit a local newspaper or media outlet to meet with journalists and get a tour.  It's a great opportunity for your group to see inside a newsroom, ask questions about their craft, and make connections!

If you're interested in setting up your paper with any of these opportunities, get in touch with the program coordinator, Katherine Lapointe at or 416-795-8598.


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