TORONTO — Our #keepCUPstrong campaign launches today on the crowdfunding platform Indiegogo; our target is $50,000.

Tomorrow, March 1, all 12 of CUP’s part-time staff will be out of a job. Already, the salaries and benefits of CUP’S two full-time staff have been cut and major changes to daily operations are being rolled in. This is due to a lack of funds. With no reserves to draw on, it’s imperative for the existence of CUP to take action now.

Our next step is to appeal to you; our patrons, members of the Canadian media industry and our alumni. We’re asking for your support and generosity in keeping alive an organization focused exclusively on youth pursuing journalism.

CUP is the only organization in Canada with a mission to unite, strengthen and support the student press. Our members play a critical watchdog role on the state of Canadian post-secondary and provide a platform for youth culture to reflect on itself. CUP enables student newspapers to better fulfill their mandates through professional development, content-sharing agreements and facilitating a national community based on support and innovation.

At 76 years, CUP is the oldest student news service in the world and North America’s oldest student press cooperative. Our organization has served as a launch pad for some of the most important voices in Canada including CTV’s Lisa LaFlamme, The Globe and Mail’s André Picard and Edmonton Mayor Don Iveson.

To reach our 77th year however, we need your help.

By donating to #keepCUPstrong, you help CUP take one step further in meaningfully rebuilding and fortifying our capacity to offer valuable opportunities and resources to student journalists. Please visit our website to contribute and play a part in keeping CUP strong.

Keep CUP Strong from The Applebox Film Company on Vimeo.

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Designated spokesperson:
Erin Hudson
President, Canadian University Press
Office: 1-800-250-5595
Cell: 514-463-6772