Student CarShare launched in 2013 on 16 campuses and student communities across Ontario and Quebec. Due to overwhelming demand, they recently expanded coast to coast and are now the only national car share company in Canada that caters exclusively to safe student drivers who are 18 or over.

Whether it’s a quick run to the grocery store or a road trip out of town for the weekend, Student CarShare is more than a car sharing service – it’s a national Canadian student-centric lifestyle and brand.

Student CarShare helps students claim their freedom. It is the only car share company that exclusively allows safe student drivers who are 18 or over to rent brand new Kia Canada vehicles by the hour or day.  Their hourly rates start at $6/h and reservations include gas and insurance.  Student CarShare also puts winter tires on its entire fleet and allows its members to build an insurance history.

Currently on 36 campuses and student communities across Canada, Student CarShare is continuing to grow! For a list of their current locations, please visit:

To join the Student CarShare community, there is a onetime $25 application fee and an annual $50 membership fee.

For more information or to join, visit or view their orientation video here:

For further information, please contact Rob Gilmour, Vice President of Marketing, at or 647 234 7271.