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In many respects, CUP operates like a student version of the Canadian Press and the Canadian Association of Journalists. Our national news wire is kept current by a network of writers from across the country and stories written by member newspapers. As a CUP|PUC member, any content published on your site is eligible to be featured on the wire and reprinted by other members. You are also entitled to republish content from any CUP|PUC member on your website or in your paper.

The wire, known as CUPwire, is curated primarily by the National Bureau Chief and four specialty editors: CUP's Arts & Features Editor, National Sports Editor, Humour & Opinions Editor and PUC's French Editor. Original content for CUPwire is produced by CUP's six regional bureau chiefs.

To submit content published originally in a CUP|PUC member paper for consideration by the National Bureau Chief and specialty editors, please fill out the following form.


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