Upgrade 2009

FAQ about travel pool

The deadline to book your travel pool delegate is Nov. 30! If you have paid your fees and registered, please contact Rob Fishbook at president@cup.ca to book your travel ASAP.

1. What is travel pool?
Travelpool is designed to ensure that at least one representativecan come to the national conference from all member papers. All membersare asked to pay into travel pool when they are invoiced at thebeginning of the school year. Each member who pays into the poolreceives travel and conference costs for one delegate.

2. What is a travel pool delegate?
This is the one person from your paper you trust to vote on behalf ofyour paper. This person will have their attendance at the entireconference guaranteed, so that they can attend both opening and closingplenary and act as the voice of your newspaper in all decisions made bythe membership.

3. Is travel booked for us, or do we book it?
Travel will likely be booked for you through the national office. We try and avoid reimbursements to avoid logistical problems, but if you need an exception to be made it will certainly be considered. If you have questions or need to arrange travel, contact the president!

4. Are we part of travel pool?
If you paid your membership fees and didn't opt out of travel pool(option available only to small member papers, French members, and trial members) then you've already paidfor one delegate and their travel to the national conference!

5. What days will my travel pool delegate betraveling?
Your delegate will be traveling to arrive in the host city during registration on the first day of the conference and will leave the day after the plenary session (plenary is typically on the final day of the conference). This will ensure theyare in attendance at all important meetings.

6. Can my travel pool delegates travel on different days than that?

You sure can, just let me know when you send me the details for yourtravel pool delegate. Please be specific if you want to stay later orleave earlier.

7. My travel pool delegate wants to travel withthe rest of the staff, is that possible?
We can do this one of three ways:
- either you can wait for me to book flights and then book the rest ofyour staff on the same flight (don't worry, I look for the mostinexpensive options),- or you can book the flight and then send me the itinerary you wantyour travel pool delegate to be booked on. - or (if you've spoken with me about an exception) you can book the travel yourself and send the invoice to me for reimbursement.

8. Will my travel pool delegate still get tostay with our staff?
Of course! All delegates will be rooming with members oftheir own newspapers. CUP staff creates the rooming list, so we will doour best to be as accommodating as possible. If you arrive at theconference and there are problems with the rooming, do yourself a favorand don't freak out - we can fix it easily enough.