This week student reporters working on the Youth Vote project begin filing on the 2015 federal election.

CUP member papers have full permission to reprint all Youth Vote stories in full or adapt any material in them—so long as you give credit.

The stories will be distributed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Each week CUP member papers will find five stories delivered to their inbox, each from a different region in the country. The five student reporters filing for the Youth Vote project are:

These reporters will be filing under Sabrina Nemis of the Fulcrum who will be acting as the Election Bureau Chief on the project.

If you have any questions or thoughts about the project, would like to contact someone working on the project or have questions about the the stories or reprinting them, please contact CUP’s National Executive, Ryan Macfarlane, at

The Youth Vote project seeks to engage youth in the political process—not as a group of outsiders to the political process who need it all explained to them, but as individuals intimately experiencing the ramifications of political decisions in their daily lives.

The experience of youth today is unique of its time and requires those who are living it to explain and understand it. CUP will seek university student reporters who will create news for youth about youth.

The Youth Vote project also recognizes that election coverage often falls to the temptation of the “horse race” mentality. By extending our political coverage beyond the October 19th election, we will ensure that issues important to youth aren’t forgotten the moment the vote comes in.

CUP believes in the importance of student media in the democratic process and the Youth Vote project comes from this belief.