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Announcing CUP’s racialized reporting grant

Canadian University Press

Mar 13, 2022

The Canadian University Press (CUP) is a national cooperative of post-secondary student publications. As such, we are the future of journalism in Canada—and as part of our mandate, we do everything in our power to support equitable, diverse and anti-oppressive newsrooms in Canadian media.

CUP understands how crucial it is to support BIPOC student journalists, to not only support their growth as journalists, but support their financial and mental wellbeing as well. BIPOC journalists bring important perspectives and experiences to their reporting that can disrupt the status quo and bring about change. Uplifting reporters who may not have the resources or funds to bring stories to light is essential.

This year, CUP is offering four paid reporting opportunities to BIPOC staff or contributors from CUP member papers. Those selected will receive a $300 grant to complete a piece of reporting on any topic they’d like, to be published in their student publication. Pieces can be anything from a series of articles, a feature, a podcast or a video. 

To apply, please email and westernrep@cup.cawith a pitch of a maximum 350 words about what you’d like to report on, the format your story will take, the CUP member publication you’re part of, and why you are the right candidate to write this story. BIPOC staff and volunteers from CUP member papers may apply. If you are not BIPOC, we ask that you please not apply for this grant.

The deadline for pitches is April 19, 2022 at 11:59 pm.

— Canadian University Press. March 22, 2022.

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