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Erratum: JHM 2023

Canadian University Press

Mar 16, 2023

About a month after the JHM Awards Ceremony, it came to the Canadian University Press’ attention that there was a communication error in the results announced for the Investigative Reporting Award category. The following article should have been awarded as a winner:

UTM professor violated sexual harassment policy, failed to respect supervisory boundaries, Nawa Tahir, The Varsity 

The mistake was due to an administrative error and was identified through a re-examination of the results by the judges of the category. We assure you that we take this matter very seriously and are committed to ensuring that such mistakes do not happen in the future. 

The Canadian University Press would like to express its regret for any inconvenience caused to the award winners and to the community. 

Please be aware that the two previously awarded winners—who were finalists for the category—are invited to keep the award they have been given and will remain considered as winners of the award. 

Thank you for your great participation in this year’s JHM Awards edition, and we are looking forward to another year of exceptional student journalism!

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