CWA Media Works: A Labour Rights and Reporting Project



What is it?

Media Works is a CWA-Canada project in partnership with CUP and the NCRA. It will involve the creation of a handbook to help media organizations and creators know their rights and better report on labour issues. There will also be paid freelance opportunities for 15 producers to create radio documentaries, journalists to write feature articles, shoot photo-stories or videos and create graphic journalism pieces on topics related to labour and media.

If you have any questions about the project, please contact Katherine Lapointe at or 416-795-8598.

Deadline for all applications is Sunday, December 7th at midnight PT.

Who can participate?

If you're a CUP or NCRA member you're welcome to participate. We are accepting pitches for 1000 - 1250 word articles, photostories or graphic journalism pieces on the theme of labour and media. We are also looking for a handbook editor whose responsibility will be the the creation of a print handbook that aims to support media organizations and creators know their rights as media workers and better report on labour issues. The editor will conduct research, and write, edit and design content for the handbook.
The application deadline is Sunday, December 7 at midnight. You will be notified either way by the selection committee by Friday, December 19.

If your article application is chosen, the CUP paper will receive $300 (we hope you thank us with an in-kind ad donation) and the contributor will receive $250 upon submission of the piece.

If your handbook editor application is chosen, you will receive $1,800 upon completion of a draft and $1,800 upon submission of the final product ($3,600 total).

All contributors must be CWA Canada Associate Members. If you are not already member, you can sign up here (it's free):

Need ideas? Here are some of the type of things we are looking for (but feel free to pitch your own).

  1. Unpaid internships/Unpaid work
  2. Accessibility of careers in media: who gets to be a journalist?
  3. Freelance work/workers
  4. "Working for exposure" and "paying your dues"
  5. Diversity in the media
  6. Health and safety concerns in media work
  7. Labour of social media/work and digital media
  8. Growing credentialization in the profession of journalism
  9. Labour issues relating to volunteering/working at community/alternative media organizations
  10. Precarious work and gender/race/disabilities
  11. Wage rates in media work
  12. Government strategies to address precarity of media work
  13. Work and public broadcasting
  14. Media workers organizing for better working conditions
  15. Negotiating contracts
  16. Role of post-secondary institutions in promoting unpaid work

Where do I sign up?

If you want to be a handbook editor, see the application here:

If you want to write an article for the project, apply here: