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2023 Winners



Arts & Culture Writing Award

Jasmine Cadeliña Manango, To all the stories I haven’t told yet: Finding my voice as a Filipina scholar, The Ubyssey

Humour Award


Tova Gaster, The Dingbat: Buchanan B can’t fool me – that’s a pole, not a French tutor, The Ubyssey

2SLGBTQIA+ Reporting Award

Anne Fu, Exploring the gender-affirming healthcare system in Kingston, The Queen’s Journal


Disability Reporting Award


Charlotte Alden, BC’s autism assessment process is slow and expensive. For students seeking accommodations, that’s a problem, The Ubyssey


Racialized Reporting Award


Edward Djan, At what cost: How scholarship applications re-traumatize BIPOC students, The Eyeopener

Feature Writing Award (Under $75k)


Carter Sawatzky, Was It Something I Said? How One Of TWU’s Most Decorated Deans Went From Star To Sunset, Mars’ Hill Newspaper

Feature Writing Award (Over $75k)


Carter Dungate, Student defenders of Fairy Creek, The Ubyssey

Investigative Reporting Award (Under $75k)

Hannah Rudderham, Jessica Saulnier, Giuliana Grillo de Lambarri, Hana Delaney; Graduating STU students speak out about inability to vote for valedictorian, by-election scheduled, The Aquinian



Investigative Reporting Award (Over $75k)

Nawa Tahir, UTM professor violated sexual harassment policy, failed to respect supervisory boundaries, The Varsity


Leo Larman Brown, Samuel Massey; Over 15 million dollars from McGill Investment Pool tied up in Uyghur genocide, The McGill Tribune 


Nathan Bawaan, Over $19 million of UBC’s endowment invested in companies tied to Uyghur genocide, The Ubyssey



The CWA Award for Labour Reporting


Sara Eldabaa, Sex workers: Neglected victims of the pandemic, The Link



News Reporting Award


Olivia Integlia, Concordia renews contract with notorious prison food provider, The Link

Op-Ed Award


Matthew Konhauser, Dingy arts environment reflects the attitudes of the university, The Gateway

Sports Reporting Award


Ryan Goodison, The story behind Western football’s 2-headed monster, The Western Gazette

Indigenous Reporting Award (Print)

Giuliana Grillo de Lambarri, ‘Leave the fucking salmon alone:’ ASF accused of poisoning Miramichi Lake, The Aquinian


Data Journalism Award

Sonia Persaud, Using data to plan your trip to the Rec Centre, The Western Gazette


Climate Reporting Award


Anne Fu, The relationship between climate change & human health, The Queen’s Journal


Science Reporting Award

Wafa El-Rayes, “The future is fungi”: The power of citizen science to advance fungal conservation, The Charlatan



Public Health Reporting Award


Isaac Phan Nay, Period product dispensers installed in Residence Commons washrooms, The Charlatan






Cover/Layout of the Year



Jinny Moon, Recovery, The McGill Tribune

Graphic/Illustration of the Year


Talia Rouck, Women’s equality in the medical field, Capilano Courier



Photo of the Year


Sophie Bouquillon, Young woman handcuffed on Homecoming, The Western Gazette



Indigenous Reporting Award (Multimedia)


Lauren Bingham, In Photos: Indigenous activist leads anti-colonial march to rename Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway, The Charlatan

Prize for Digital Storytelling

Diana Hong, Nathan Bawaan, Marieta-rita Ose Osezua, Alex Fuster; UBC students take part in Sprouts-organized walkout, The Ubyssey

Best Online Media

The Silhouette —




Student Journalist of the Year

Charlotte Alden, The Ubyssey



Student Photojournalist of the Year


Isabella Falsetti, The Ubyssey

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