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JHM Shortlist is live.

Scroll down to view JHM Shortlist. Thank you to all who nominated and congratulations to those who made it to the shortlist!

Winners to be announced at NASH86 held by the NAIT Nugget in Edmonton, AB.

Every year, CUP holds the John H. McDonald Awards for Excellence in Student Journalism.

Better known as the JHMs, these prestigious awards recognize the very best in student journalism across the country.  

Nominations are open to all student journalists, regardless of CUP member status. Non-members pay $15 for their first submission, and $5 for every subsequent submission. CUP members receive two free submissions per category, and $5 for every submission after. You will be invoiced after the submission period for any additional submissions by

2023-24 submissions closed. A shortlist for nominees is below.



Arts & Culture Writing Award

Part of Whose World?

Eliana Freelund — McGill Daily

TMU Inked

Alexandra Holyk — The Eyeopener

Y-Dang Troeung’s memoir Landbridge reflects on refugee existence and familial love

Elena Massing — The Ubyssey

Judged by: Joshua Chong (Toronto Star), Izabella Balcerzak (Formerly of The Eyeopener)

Humour/Satire Award

BoG visited by ghosts of past, present and future

Thomas McLeod — The Ubyssey

MacEwan Cryptids

The Griff Staff — The Griff

New UBC policy waives course pre-reqs if you have a crush in the class

Tova Gaster — The Ubyssey

Judged by: Sonya Fatah (Toronto Metropolitan University), Adrian Lee (The Globe and Mail)

Marginalized Community Reporting Award

Closed Eyes Behind Rose-Coloured Glasses: Five Years After the Mandated Signing of the Community Covenant

Ava Gili — Mars' Hill

Let’s Talk Texture: How Black TMU Students Navigate Societal Perceptions of their Hair

Bana Yirgalem — The Eyeopener

Reckoning The Worst Pride Month in 54 Years

Evan Robins — Arthur Newspaper

Judged by: John Loeppky (Freelance), Tobi Abdul (Little Androm Media)

Feature Writing Award

A perfect day for football

Miles Bolton — The Western Gazette

Healing beyond healthcare: Fostering support with trans and gender-diverse communities

Caroline Tucker — The Martlet

Who Loves Trent Rowing?

Evan Robins — Arthur Newspaper

Judged by: Inori Roy (The Local), Sonya Fatah (Toronto Metropolitan University)

Investigative Reporting Award

Alleged hazing within a Carleton University Greek letter sorority

Faith Greco and Elissa Mendes — The Charlatan

Behind the de-ratification of Western’s largest club

Estella Ren — The Western Gazette

The loose threads in U of T’s labour standards

Maeve Ellis — The Varsity

Judged by: Morgan Bocknek (Toronto Star), Jim Rankin (Toronto Star), Xavier Richer Vis (Formerly Investigative Journalism Foundation)

The CWA Labour Reporting Award

Canada allows international students to work more than 20 hours

Armando Mejia — The Aquinian

CUPE3902’s fight for health coverage

Alice Boyle — The Varsity

Floor Fellows File Grievance Against New Room Accommodations

 Emma Bainbridge — McGill Daily

Judged by: Arvin Joaquin (OMNI News), Chris Hannay (The Globe and Mail)

News Reporting Award

‘I can’t see you out of my eye’: Alleged BB gun shooting victim recounts night

Adshayah Sathiaseelan and Sophia Schiefler — The Western Gazette

Queen’s engineering exam question tweeted by Jordan Peterson

Sophia Coppolino and Sofia Tosello — The Queen's Journal

Stabbing at Hagey Hall

Alicia Wang — Imprint

Judged by: Justin Chandler (CBC Hamilton), Emily Tayler (CHCH News)

Op-Ed Award

Editorial: Pride Month is not your merchandising opportunity

Evan Robins — Arthur Newspaper

It happened. What are we going to do about it?

Imprint Staff — Imprint

Editorial: STU’s in-camera president’s reports don’t reflect liberal arts values

Aaron Sousa — The Aquinian

Judged by: Scott Colby (Toronto Star), Cliff Lee (The Globe and Mail)

Sports Reporting Award

A Perfect Day for Football

Miles Bolton — The Western Gazette

Pressure point: how performance anxiety affects student athletes

Miles Bolton — The Western Gazette

Willie Woo: The Forgotten Story of “The First Great Chinese All-round Athlete in Canada”

Brian Yuhan Wang — McGill Daily

Judged by: Bruce Arthur (Toronto Star), Tyson Shushkewich (Canadian Baseball Network)

Indigenous Reporting Award

‘It’s beautiful when I get to practice both’: How Indigenous cultures and sports overlap

Miriam Celebiler — The Ubyssey

Northern Perspectives: The Agreement that Changed It All

Cedric Gallant — The Concordian

“Nothing for us without us”

Alice Boyle — The Varsity

Judged by: Cliff Lee (The Globe and Mail), Adrian Lee (The Globe and Mail)

Science Reporting Award

Getting bogged down in a unique Pacific Spirit Park ecosystem

Anabella McElroy — The Ubyssey

ORCASat: How UVic students took an idea from campus to space

Hannah Seaton — The Martlet

Science behind: ACL injuries

Manan Joshi — The Western Gazette

Judged by: William Lou (Sportsnet), Tim Alamenciak (University of Waterloo)

Cover/Layout of the Year

New Beginnings

Angelica Blanch — Capilano Courier

Sports By The Numbers

Miriam Celebiler, Mahin E. Alam — The Ubyssey

The TSSU Strike Vote

Josh Ralla — The Peak

Judged by: Liam Afonso (Ellum Media), Rose Pereira (Freelance/Contract Graphic Designer)

Graphic/Illustration of the Year

Midwifery research bridges equity gaps in birthing care

Bessie Guo — The Ubyssey

Quebec Forest Fires

Keven Vaillancourt — The Concordian

Women in Engineering

Amelia Hart — The Concordian

Judged by: Liam Afonso (Ellum Media), Rose Pereira (Freelance/Contract Graphic Designer)

Photo of the Year

Fall Fest singer

Sam Poier — The Griff

Men's soccer victory

Isabella Maggiore — The Ubyssey

Palestinian Rally

Sophie Bouquillon — The Western Gazette

Judged by: Andrej Ivanov (Freelance), Fred Lum (The Globe and Mail), Theresa Suzuki (The Globe and Mail)

Best Online Media Presence

Arthur Newspaper

Trent University, Peterborough, ON

The Griff

MacEwan University, Edmonton, AB

The Western Gazette

Western University, London, ON

Judged by: Eva Salinas (CBC Hamilton), Erin Valois (Postmedia)

Student Journalist of the Year

Nathan Bawaan

The Ubyssey — University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Zachary Fortier

The Link — Concordia University, Montreal, QC

Sonia Persaud

The Western Gazette — Western University, London, ON

Judged by: Arshy Mann (Canadaland), Erin Valois (Postmedia)

Student Photojournalist of the Year

Sophie Bouquillon

The Western Gazette — Western University, London, ON

Sammy Kogan

The Eyeopener — Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto, ON

Joesph Mariathasan

The Queen's Journal — Queen's University, Kingston, ON

Judged by: Andrej Ivanov (Freelance), Fred Lum (The Globe and Mail), Rich Lam (The Globe and Mail), 

Student Publication of the Year

To be voted by members at 2024 JHM Awards. All current CUP member publications are eligible.

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not a CUP member. Can my publication still receive awards? 

Yes, the JHMs are open to all Canadian student publications, even non-CUP members. CUP members receive free submissions to each category, with a maximum of two submissions per category. 

What are the rules of submission? 

CUP members can submit two submissions per category with no cost. Subsequent submissions can be submitted for $5. Non-CUP members and individuals can submit their first submission for $15, and every subsequent submission for $5 each. Non-CUP members are also limited to two submissions per category. 

What are the eligibility requirements?   

Pieces published from October 1, 2022 - November 1, 2023 are eligible for this year's awards. Pieces must be published by a student writer of the publication at the time of publishing. They no longer need to be a student writer at the time of submission. 

Who decides the winners? 

Each year, a talented board of industry professionals are chosen to judge the JHMs. The judges represent various facets of the journalism and media industry. Interested in being a judge? Email for more information. 

Where can I find the criteria for each award?

You can find the criteria for each award under our Award Categories page.

How do I nominate?

NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. You can nominate yourself or someone else by visiting Fill out the Google Form and attach a PDF of the article. Be sure to remove any bylines to ensure judges are not aware of who wrote the piece. Please make sure that you are the only one submitting the nomination, as multiple nominations result in disqualification for that particular award.

Why is there an overlap between last year's nomination period and this year's nomination period?

You may nominate pieces from October 1, 2022 to November 1, 2023. There is a short overlap with last year's submission period in effort to get the JHMs back on a schedule. Pieces from the overlap that won last year's awards will not be reconsidered for this year.

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