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Welcome to the CUP Wire!

The Canadian University Press (CUP) Wire is a service that offers CUP member publications the chance to republish articles from other member publications. The Wire is a great way for publications to inform readers on the events that are making headlines in the Canadian post-secondary world.

Everything you need to know about the CUP Wire.

Our Importance to you.

Newswires, like Reuters and The Canadian Press, have become vital resources for newsrooms in need of additional content and information. The CUP Wire is a great way to supplement your publication’s content with articles from across the country, whether that’s for coverage relevant to your locale or content that will interest your readers. You’re able to share articles on your website or to help fill space in your paper, and can free up time to allow your writers to cover other stories.


It’s also a useful tool to allow your staff and readers to get to know the other publications in CUP, as well as the kind of stories they cover. Having CUP publications share each other’s stories and bylines highlights and celebrates the work of student journalists across Canada.

How to use the CUP Wire.

  • When pulling a story from another publication, it’s important to credit the publication of origin and the journalist(s) who worked on it at the beginning of your post. 

    • Ex: By Charley Dutil, The Fulcrum, Photo by Sam Smart, The Ubyssey

  • As a courtesy, let the publication of origin know that you’ve pulled one of their stories, and link to the original article in your post.

  • If you’re interested in using an image from the original article, you can download the image directly. If you need the original file or something of higher quality, please email that publication’s digital editor.

  • At the end of the article, please add a line that reads:
    This article was shared via the CUP Wire, maintained by the Canadian University Press.

Opt-out option.

Every year, CUP member publications will have the option to opt-out of the CUP Wire. Doing so will prevent you from sharing your stories with other publications, and using the CUP Wire to grab articles as well. If your publication wants to opt-out of this service, please fill out this form.

List of opted-out publications for 2021/2022.

  • The Western Gazette

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